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I gotta make a separate post about this cause it was like THE BEST THING.

On the last day of the con, I was doing art trades with people in the AA and this girl came up and was like “I heard you talking about art trades and I run a kigurumi booth in the dealer’s room….” AND I’VE ALWAYS WANTED A KIGURUMI BUT COULD NEVER BRING MYSELF TO SHELL OUT THE MONEY TO BUY ONE BUT NOW I HAVE TWO AND I’M SO HAPPY 

I remember seeing someone I follow on tumblr with a bat one and I’VE WANTED ONE SINCE THEN and now i can also BE A RED PANDA WHENEVER I WANT these things are so comfortable and i’m SO GLAD

  1. ruinationmkii said: I don’t think there’s anything cuter than this
  2. cultplanet said: OH MY GOD
  3. kiiyame said: Those look super cute on you!! ♥ (Also unrelated but I spy a Ninja Tofu lurking or your top shelf there, hehe. ;w; )
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